Oracle released Beehive 2.0.1

Just a quick reminder, as much for myself as for my readers – Oracle has released Beehive 2.0.1, which I will be looking at in about two weeks, to see if it will be able to replace our current Collaboration Suite Calendar installation. Sadly, it still seems like Oracle insist that you must use their inferior email server to use the rest of the system.

2 thoughts on “Oracle released Beehive 2.0.1

  1. richard

    With the exception of OBEO I don’t think Oracle Beehive requires you use their email server to use their calendar; the ‘external_inbox’ flag on users allows you to route any email received by beehive to a user’s non-beehive email box.

  2. mihtjel Post author

    This is true – but the web client for the calendar (which is a major feature for us) integrated with the email client – with no way of turning off the email part, or using it with an external IMAP. I don’t know if this is changed in 2.0, but I somehow doubt it, given the lukewarm response that was given to our concerns over the subject.

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