3 thoughts on “APK for ICSReader

  1. Mario

    Thank you for releasing the app.
    I just can’t wait for android 2.1 for my htc hero to test it!
    ATM im running 1.5 🙁
    Is there a technical reason why you only support 2.X devices?
    There are many devices out there running on 1.X versions, it would be nice if you also can support this devices.
    Thank you Mario

  2. DrDice


    Very very sweet. Just the app I was looking for. What about to team up with the author of Calendar (CalDAV) Sync?

    He has created a app that an sync external CalDAV calendar with the real calendar app for android, but unfortunally his app lack the support of ics files.

  3. Andreas

    How about the source code? I guess most people with Android phones don’t hesitate to use google for all tasks. But everyone else would be interested in the code.

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