New Android app: ICSReader

After having ranted quite a bit about the lack of support for standards-based calendars and PIM in Android, I decided to implement something myself, to at least get it to a level where an Android phone would be of use to me. Since we have a functioning iCalendar export from our Oracle Collaboration Suite calendar at work, I decided to start out writing a parser for that. ICSReader is the result.

The software does a bit more than just read iCalendar files by now, and since it’s reached the critical junction where I want to expand the functionality significantly, the time has come where it gets its very first version number: 0.1

The very first version, 0.1, has the following features:

  • Imports an ICS file into a local database from an HTTP URL
  • Display of current events (ongoing, as well as -10/+30 minutes)
  • Display of the events of the next 48 hours
  • Display of events on a day by day basis
  • Detail display for each event

More importantly, it lacks the following features:

  • Support for multiple iCalendar sources
  • Support for individual ICS files, for instance from emails (via Intents)
  • A week view
  • A month view
  • Notifications, alarms, participants, GPS integration, peace on earth, end to world hunger, etc. etc.

The observant reader will have noticed that I have yet to provide a link to this software. Currently, it’s only been built for Android 2.0, and while it may serve a purpose for some people in need of an iCalendar reader, it is not yet sufficiently polished for me to feel comfortable in publishing it. If you happen to need it, post a comment, and I might well reconsider and post a usable build. Otherwise, I am going to work towards a new version with at the least support for multiple iCalendar sources before releasing it.

Got some new features you really want in an Android calendar application? Post a comment, and I’ll have a look. 🙂

Update: I released the app.

8 thoughts on “New Android app: ICSReader

  1. Mario

    An ICS Reader for Android is a cool thing! Please go on with your work and maybe release also the programm.

  2. Jerry

    That’s sounds really great 🙂 I’ve been missing a iCal-reader ever since I bought my Hero. Looking forward to try your app when I’ve installed 2.0 on my Hero.

    On my wishlist (but I’d be more than happy with the basic features only):
    – Subscription – able to subscribe to calendars published on public Internet sites and private (password protected) WebDAV sites. But perhaps that’s is what you meant in your description.

    – CalDAV support

  3. Tomasz Helenowski

    iCal import/export (or vCal) is critical, particularly in an “open” system. This is another example of the “open” proprietary systems out there. I would gladly pay $20 for an iCal or vCal import/export feature for the calendar to keep all the data local and under my control. It is not there because Google wants access to all our calendars. This is too intrusive on privacy. I have appointments for my patients which I cannot entrust to Google because of HIPAA and would not want to anyway.

  4. Andreas

    Great news! Finally a calendar that is not dependend on googlecalendar! I agreee, that support for several calendars is an urgent feature. But also what is there already seems to be great! Please go ahead and follow the open-source motto: publish early….

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  6. Darren Moffat

    Sounds great, while I have a solution using NotifyLink and the TouchDown Android App I’d rather have the ability to sync ics and caldav directly.

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