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An update, slightly delayed

Now, some time ago I expected I’d be updating my blog every 10 days with news about my moving plans, which would make for a good few posts – but I wasn’t home when the time came to post with 30 days left, and I didn’t really have anything to write.

I called up the landlord on Tuesday, and inquired as to whether I could move in on June 27 instead of on July 1, which I was might be possible, though entirely dependent on whether the builders were done yet. If they were, it’d be no problem, though I’d naturally have to pay the few days extra rent. I’ll know more in a couple of weeks.

Furniture shopping is at a standstill, since I seem to have figured out the style of furniture I’d like, but I’m not sure whether I’ll have the room for it nor money to buy it. I know for sure that I’ll need a bed, but everything else is a bit more optional, ranging from simple things like “a nice lamp” through “a table and chairs” to “a complete Wegner lounge”. I don’t really think I can realistically buy any of it before I move.

The first exam of the year is on Tuesday, and is in “Technical Project Management” – that is, management of technical projects, and not the technical aspects of managing projects. We’ve been using a book called Applied Software Project Management, which is decent, but as one of the other students in the course pointed out, it isn’t really up to date with agile methods, and the level of some of the advice given approaches the trivial, for example by spending most of a chapter introducing Subversion.

Procrastination has set in, and I’ve resorted to reading food blogs. Some time ago, I was trying to find a recipe for Heston Blumenthal’s oxtail stew, and instead stumbled upon someone who’d actually tried to cook it. Intrigued by the writing style, and the whole subject of a food blog, I’ve spent a couple of hours reading Becks & Posh, as well as a bit of time at Hedonia, especially having fun with the Eatsdropper posts. Recommended.

A spot of blog downtime

I had a bit of downtime on my blog, due to it losing network connection last night, and subsequently getting another IP from the provider. Getting it back up wasn’t much work, but I had to change the DNS, and the TTL was a whole day. I’ve reduced it to 3600 seconds, but the blog is probably still down for most people at the time of writing.

Given that I’ll be moving within a reasonable timespan, and might not be able to keep the server online at my new place, I should probably start looking at getting it hosted somewhere. I do really like having access to a linux box of my own, though – it’s quite convenient. Any suggestions on how to do it?

Hotlinking my pictures as backgrounds

A couple of times over the recent weeks, traffic has suddenly spiked here on my blog server. I don’t pay for the traffic, so I don’t care that much, but I usually investigate – and most times, it’s random people using a high-quality JPEG I posted of some piano keys as a profile picture. I guess I should feel flattered, but none the less, they always get a rewrite to the copyright overlay I usually use. I hope they’ll get it at some point, or I’ll have to start watermarking all my pictures. 🙁

If you’re reading this, and want to use one of my pictures on your webpage: Write a comment, send me an email, or otherwise, get in touch with me. Don’t just use them without asking. It might end up being expensive.

Blog down for a bit

Not that anyone probably noticed, but my blog was down for half a day or so, due to the server I’m running it on having gotten a new address from DHCP. Not really something I’d expected would ever happen, but it’s a quick fix, and I just needed to wait for the DNS to propagate.