Countdown to moving – 40 days

The countdown has reached a round number of days – sort of – and I’ve decided to divulge a bit more information about the flat I’ll be moving into. Behold below, a map of it. Click to enlarge.

Floorplan of the flat I'll be moving to

The image is the best I’ve been able to cook up using Google Sketchup. At least one measurement is right: The width of the living room. The light wood coloured surfaces are the closets in the bedroom and the working surface in the kitchen (where there’ll also be a cooker. a sink and a combined freezer/refrigerator, though I don’t know where), and the dark wood coloured bit is a half-height wall, dividing the kitchen from the living room.

Main entry door is at the top, and the big window at the bottom also contains a door to the balcony. I’m sure there’s a small window in the bathroom as well – I’ve seen it – but it didn’t show on the small map I based this drawing on.

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