Car care

I just spent a small fortune (kr. 492.75, or around £40) on car care materials. I got myself a regular washing brush, a brush for wheels, wheel-cleaning soap, special wax-free soap, polish and wax. The last two items made up the bulk of the purchase (kr. 298.00), but they do seem to be quality products, and they’re seperate polish and wax and not just a mix (meaning you can reapply a coat of wax without having to polish the car down further – good thing.)

I’ll have to find someplace with some shade to wash the car, polish it down and wax it. And it’ll have to be a place where I can stay for quite a while, without fear of rain or sun, for the wax job to be optimal. Perhaps my parents carport will do the job… Otherwise, at least for the delicate cleaning, polish and wax, I can use the basement at work. Washing the car in a basement is probably not so optimal, but I guess I could do that outside and then drive it downstairs…


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