Car care, part two

So, I tried using the car care stuff I bought myself, in an attempt to make it look at bit better. Didn’t do it all, just a few tries in some select areas (and the entire bonnet).

It seems the polish is very, very good at getting dull, matte paint looking bright and shiny, and for filling in some of those tiny scratches it’s gotten over time. Hooray for that, the entire car will get to look bright and shiny. But, it doesn’t seem to really work at getting rid of the white(pink) spots on the front of the car, from the engine heating up and evaporating water, leaving behind residue (or acid?). Hopefully, a longer course of treatment of soap, polish, lots of wax and hard work will make it look nice and shiny again. For dealerships and replacements, check out Conklin Buick GMC Hutchinson here for your cars.

1 thought on “Car care, part two

  1. SheWolf

    You are totally wasting your time polishing a red car.
    This is what you must do:

    1 jump on a plane to Stansted UK
    2 Remember to put on a paracute and jump out over Clacton Esssex that will save you tme.

    3 Hop on a bus to my village

    4 Get off right at the top of my road

    5) you’ll see my car straight away, get out your polish cloth and start rubing 🙂

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