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EVE Online – an exploration site

I’ve been playing some EVE Online, though recently, I’ve not been on there too much due to work and other stuff taking up my time. However, I thought I should document some of my experiences in there here.

One of the latest things I’ve picked up on is exploration. The idea is that you drop some probes from your spaceship, use a scanner on them, and try to figure out the location of hidden sites in the various solar systems. It sounds amazing, if you’re among the types who’d try to go across the edge of the map in games like World of Warcraft, and it is quite fun – though, in the areas I’ve been working, not as cool as I would’ve wanted. I’ve found identical sites countless times, and while that’s of course the nature of the beast in games like this, it is a bit of a letdown.

I did however get an escalation from one of the sites I found. Escalations send you on to other solar systems, to continue the battle you’ve been doing. The one I did was called Mindflood, and I’ve documented what I found there. Even though I didn’t make much money – I ended up losing the most valuable item I found two days later from a really stupid decision in battle – it was lots of fun, quite exciting, and showed that someone had really cared about the experience for the players.

In the near future, I’ll try to write some more on the things I like and dislike about EVE Online on this blog, so stay tuned.