Daily Archives: March 28, 2008

NVIDIA and their crappy drivers

I upgraded to the latest drivers for my otherwise lovely NVIDIA 8800GTS graphics card. And of course, it had to break something, didn’t it? This time, it made video playback do a lot of tearing, due to the (sudden) lack of vertical sync support for regular DirectX playback. I think I’ve managed some settings for my player that sort of minimizes it, but it’s bloody annoying that NVIDIAs idea of quality control seems to be closing their eyes and ears to avoid listening to their users, and just releasing more crappy “updates” that break more than they fix.

I shan’t be buying any more of their hardware.

New upper boundary for Rubik’s Cube

A colleague told me about a news post I should read, detailing that a new upper boundary for solving the Rubik’s Cube has been found – now 25 moves, instead of 26. While this in itself is interesting, the way it’s described in the news post is even more interesting:

He’s shown that there are no configurations that can be solved in 26 moves, thereby lowering the limit to 25.

What the poster probably meant to write was that there’s no configuration that requires 26 moves, and not that solving the Rubik’s Cube is never possible in 26 moves 😉

None the less, this is great news – with luck, we may soon be able to play with our Rubik’s Cubes in a way we know is truly optimal!