Shopping for food in Ã…rhus

Over the years I’ve lived in Ã…rhus, I’ve found places that I like to shop for food, both in general and for specific ingredients. I’m trying to build up a page of these experiences for others to use, as well as for others to comment on if they find places that I should know about.


  • Emmerys makes some really good bread, though expensive. I’m not sure how many different kinds they make, but it doesn’t seem like a lot – for instance, I didn’t see any baguettes when I was there last time.

Fruits and vegetables

  • Bazar Vest is a good place for fruits and vegetables, with a large selection. It’s also a good place to shop for some more unusual ingredients, especially Turkish and Arabic, as well as some Asian things.
  • Drivhusbutikken near Tilst has a nice selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, both some that are grown locally (within a few hundred meters) as well as imported stuff. The staff seems to know what they’re talking about, and seem able to get what you need if you give them some notice.

Exotic ingredients

This is the catch-all category, I guess. But really, there’s a couple of places to go to get the things that are either not generally available in Denmark, or that are mainly used by professional chefs.

  • Chaz E has quite a bit of stuff at least for European cuisine – and good wine and spirits.
  • Metro Cash & Carry is probably the best place to get professional style stuff at the moment, such as Oscar’s stocks and demi-glace. However, you need to have a company to get a card to shop there. Usually, cards can be borrowed for someone, since they are merely cards that allow you to shop there, and not credit cards. Don’t expect much help, nor really great prices, though.
  • Salling Super is a decent supermarket for specialty stuff. They don’t have that much, but what they do have is good – and I think their charcuterie is excellent.
  • Italianissimo in Gammel Munkegade is a small Italian shop with a number of otherwise hard to find things, as well as espresso equipment – I bought a Bialetti Brikka there at a nice price.
  • Butik Dalsgaarden – we’re outside Ã…rhus now, as this shop is in Haar near Hinnerup. The shop has 78 kinds of tea, different kinds of coffee, Zassenhaus coffee mills, English jams and conserves, Valrhona chocolate and all sort of other exciting stuff. The owner is a former chocolate maker, and seems very enthusiastic, as well as knowing what he’s talking about. Highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “Shopping for food in Ã…rhus

  1. Greetings from Trøjborg

    Thanks for the tips – will certainly have to check out at least Italianissimo and the Bazaar.

    Can you recommend some good cafés? I’m not just looking for good coffee (and perhaps some delicious pastries), but also a nice atmosphere. A place that would have a bit more soul than Ziggy. Any ideas?

  2. mihtjel Post author

    I don’t really go to cafés that often in Ã…rhus. I do like the coffee at Sigfreds Kaffebar, though, so that’s probably what I’d recommend .. though that’s downtown, and not really near Trøjborg. I hope you find somewhere nice.

  3. Greetings from Trøjborg

    I have not been to Sigfreds Kaffebar, so that’s a start! Thanks.

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