Getting back on the IPv6 wagon

Over the last 7 years or so, I’ve played with IPv6 from time to time. I’ve had tunnels set up several times, and they’ve fallen over again due to kernel upgrades, or just because I didn’t really use them. Now I’ve set up another one, but this time, I have found some actual uses for it – sort of, anyway:

1) My web server runs IPv6, and DNS works for it. This blog now works with IPv6 access. I’ve already had a couple of hits on that connection, but not very many. From earlier experiences, I know that this means some people will have a hard time getting to it, due to having a non-working IPv6 setup, and browsers prefering IPv6. Well, if that’s you: Get with the programme, and get your IPv6 fixed.

2) I made my phone – a Nokia N95 – work with IPv6. Actually, I’m bragging where I shouldn’t be: I figured out how to get my wireless network to accept the phone, and as soon as that worked, the phone picked up an IPv6 address, and I could access the test site I’ve been using,

I was a bit surprised at how easy it was, but it seems that the consumer end of electronics is really getting ready for IPv6, even though various routers and ADSL-modems aren’t. Next step must be to convince the boss to let an IPv6 VLAN close to the servers so people can start using it for something.

2 thoughts on “Getting back on the IPv6 wagon

  1. Martin

    Cool! Here at IBM Zurich they have IPv6, so I can now see your blog that way 🙂

    I recently talked with a guy down here — we signed each others PGP keys — who are involved in pushing IPv6, he started which you might know.

    He explained me that one of the cool things about having an IPv6 address is that you can finally have a fixed IP address, and this address can follow you around the world. He told me that he has tried resuming his laptop after a hibernation, and when the IPv6 tunnel came up his SSH connections were still working!

    So I plan to look at this too when I get back home…

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