Danish Design in Batman: The Dark Knight

The latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight, includes quite a few instances of Danish design. Having moved to a new flat recently, and not actually having bought all my lamps yet, I am quite attentive to nice lamps I see around town when shopping and such. And lo, there were some in The Dark Knight as well:

AJ Gulv

Arne Jacobsen floor lamp

Arne Jacobsen floor lamp

The Arne Jacobsen floor lamp was designed in 1957 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Bruce Wayne has a number of them in black in his Gotham City penthouse apartment.

PH 4½/3½ (or one like it)

PH glass shade lamp

PH 4½/3½ lamp

The Poul Henningsen glass shade lamps were designed in the middle of the 1920’es, and based on a logarithmic spiral. The mayor of Gotham City has one in his office in the movie.

Apart from that, one of my friends noticed a Danish designed Kirk telephone in it as well, Bang & Olufsen are getting more business because one of their stereos was featured in it, and I’m certain more of the furniture was Danish designed as well. I like this trend.

2 thoughts on “Danish Design in Batman: The Dark Knight

  1. Peter

    I liked that the television and the speakers in the “bat-suite” was Bang & Olufsen too.

  2. Jeroen

    does anyone know what the brand is of the lamp that stand right next to the sofa
    in Batmans apartment in the Dark Night movie? It is the floor lamp with the round darkcoloured top.

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