Christmas is here again …

Argh. So, it’s December 1st, and time for a couple of random holiday links, that might cheer people up to get a bit less depressed.

First of all, Richard’s site has a really great advent calendar, of random fun and games. He posts fun stuff as well in his diary, and the all famous TCMI – Tacky Christmas Music Interface. This year, there’s even a bookmarklet of it, whatever that is. I’m sure it’s smart.

Second, a game I played a bit last year, with some nice music and catchy gameplay. It’s simply called Winterbells, and the goal is to jump up through all these little bells and score points. Simple. Catchy. And when you get good at it, very time-consuming. Want to beat my high-score? Just get to 559,146,770 points.

I’m sure I’ll be back a couple more times through December with random tidbits from the Christmassy part of the net.

1 thought on “Christmas is here again …

  1. radiac

    Wow, I thought I’d been addicted to games – that’s a lot of points!

    I got an N95 this week! The 8gb model. Like it lots so far, been playing with the lifeblog api a bit today.

    Past few weeks have been busy. Sucks. Still haven’t installed the world in conflict demo I downloaded a couple of weeks ago.

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