Roland KR-3000

I managed to find one. An electric piano for almost no money. 2.000 kr., or about £175. It’s a Roland KR-3000, and since google is unable to find me a suitable link for that name, I shall have to post a bit about the specs here, for the world to see.

Roland KR-3000

  • Keyboard: 88 velocity-sensitive keys (That do feel quite weighted as well, though probably not hammer-action.)
  • Polyphony: 31 notes at a time. Not up to par with modern keyboard with at the very least 64, but quite okay for my use.
  • Pedals: 3.
  • MIDI: In, out, through. I didn’t really expect this, given the age (I think it’s from 1992, and was introduced even earlier) – but very nice.
  • Size: 1410mm by 480mm by 835mm
  • Weight: 65 kg. (OUCH!)

This very last part, the weight, is really the reason why this post doesn’t include a picture. I haven’t actually managed to haul it up here yet. I am waiting for a few people to wake up and give me a helping hand, but alas, it is Sunday and people are sleeping.

It does have a lot of other features, but those aren’t really of interest to me yet – I just want it to function as a piano.

4 thoughts on “Roland KR-3000

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  3. Kim

    You might be interested to know that I bought one of these brand new 17 years ago for £3000! I paid an additional £300 just for the hinged smoked glass keyboard lid. It’s sitting behind me as I type this.

  4. Chrztal-Nene

    I am writing a piano concerto and have been looking at the Fantom in the roland range. I have come across a KR 3000 and wondering if I should wait and save for the extra money. What do you think? I am from the 80’2 and played in bands and had the best gear. I would think that the KR3000 is a a good vintage older workstation. I just want to write orchestral sounds and drums to my work. Is the roland good enough to do this and what is the sound quality like. Is it sampled for instance? Can anyone answer these questions.

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